Gift for You: Gift Tags!

How is your holiday season going so far?  Are you finding a balance between too much to do and time for you?  Are you practicing the 5 ways to help chill out and enjoy the holidays that I shared with you a couple weeks ago?  

Here’s a reminder of what they were:  Prioritize, Let Go of the unnecessary, take time to Breathe, Be present in the moment, and who you want to Be, Believe that there is perfection in the imperfect, and you are enough.

For me, I am successful sometimes.  Just sometimes, not always.  But more than if I didn’t have these 5 tips in mind, and that’s a positive change.  So I’m feeling good about this season!

I’m going to keep this short and sweet.  I’ve created a little gift for you:  gift tags!  I hope you find these helpful as you wrap those gifts for your loved ones.


Keep remembering to:


Let Go




Click the image to download the printable version!

Click the image to download the printable version!

These are not formatted to a particular label size; rather, they have been designed to print on card stock or regular paper and taped onto a package, or use a whole punch to string a ribbon through the top and tie it on.  You can try printing it on a blank sticker page if you’d like.

Happy Holidays!

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