Refined Sugar-Free Chocolate Orange Semifreddo with Sweet Cashew Cream

This Refined Sugar-Free Valentine's Day Will Be So Good!

Looking for a yummy Valentine's Day dessert that is super tasty AND happens to be refined sugar-free?  I just watched That Sugar Film, so sugar-free is sounding good right about now.  But let's be real:  I will want chocolate on Valentine's Day.  And sugar is everywhere.  It would be so easy to just have some ooey gooey, sugary chocolatey special dessert to share with my sweetie.  What other option do I have?  Isn't there a way to enjoy sweet treats without flooding our systems with sugar?  

Why yes, yes there is.  And this option is still ooey and gooey and tastes plenty sugary and chocolatey.  This particular method has some similarities to my Chocolate Rosemary Pine Nut Truffles from last week, but without the sugary chocolate chips.  Instead, this recipe is sweet with benefits:  the goodness of real fruit, including fiber and vitamins.  Not concentrated or refined.  A realistic amount of real fruit.  And chocolate.  Actually in its purest form:  cacao.  What's the difference between cacao and cocoa?  Cacao beans have been dried, fermented, and ground, without being roasted and processed like cocoa.  At the bottom of this post I've listed where to find ingredients like cacao, and here's what a source, Terrasoul, says about cacao:  "Cacao contains the highest concentration of magnesium and antioxidants of any food on the planet." 

A pair of Chocolate Orange Semifreddos.

A pair of Chocolate Orange Semifreddos.

Chocolate and Orange = The Perfect Combo

Chocolate and orange are one of my absolute favorite food combinations.  It has me dreaming of Italy, just like rosemary and pine nuts do.  The zippy, cheerful brightness of the orange is the perfect counterpart to the mellow richness of the chocolate.  So maybe it's not surprising that I decided to make this a version of the Italian dessert semifreddo, only without the typical sugar, cream, and  eggs.  Instead, this dessert is made of dates, cashews, and chia seeds.  Do you think it still looks rich and decadent?  How about ooey and gooey?

Chocolate ganache that is vegan and so good!

Chocolate ganache that is vegan and so good!

Semifreddo Valentine Truffles, Chocolate Mousse, Frosting, Toast Spread...

You can eat it right out of the bowl like chocolate mousse or frosting, and it's wonderful on toast, but it's so fun to take the steps to form it into little semifreddo truffles if you happen to have heart molds, or even mini cupcake liners.  Once removed from the freezer and allowed to thaw a bit, these semifreddos become soft, light and creamy.

Chocolate Orange Semifreddo is irresistable.

Chocolate Orange Semifreddo is irresistable.

But I'd Really Like Whipped Cream to Go With...

Great!  I've included a recipe for Sweet Cashew Cream below the semifreddo recipe.  It's rich and satisfying like whipped cream, and you can control the thickness with the amount of water you add.  Cashews are so awesome because they're a soft nut, and after just a couple hours of soaking they can be blended easily to make milk, cream or sauces.


Chocolate Orange Semifreddo Recipe

(Click recipe titles for the printable versions.)

Yield:  At least 4 dozen 1 1/2" hearts.  Whatever doesn't fit in my candy mold goes in a bowl and into my fridge to spread on toast or eat by the spoonful!

Sweet Cashew Cream Recipe

Yield:  At least one cup.

Chocolate Orange Semifreddo with Sweet Cashew Cream.

Chocolate Orange Semifreddo with Sweet Cashew Cream.


I look for organic ingredients whenever possible so that the food I serve is not filled with chemicals and who knows what.  When organic is not available, I at least make sure all my ingredients are free of GMOs.  I don't see anything wrong with hybridizing two plants of the same type, but from what I understand, what's being done to the food supply today with GMOs is a very different thing.  I don't know about you, but I don't give my consent for my family to be experimented with in this way.  

Note:  I only feature products on my site that I believe in.  The links below to Amazon are for products I use regularly.  I do receive a small percentage of sales from the links to Amazon that I include on my site.

Organic raw cashews:  I've tried lots of different cashews, and my favorite source right now is Terrasoul.  The quality is so much better than what I can find in the bulk bin at my grocery store.  These have been consistently fresh, plump, beautiful cashews.

Organic cacao powder, organic cacao nibs, organic chia seeds, pink salt:  Terrasoul also carries all of these, and I've found their products on Amazon as well as through the direct website.  These ingredients can be found in many grocery stores, too.  I've also found chia seeds at Costco.

Medjool dates:  These are now more commonly found than they were a few years ago.  They are at my local grocery store as well as Trader Joe's, Amazon, and Costco.  Sometimes I can find organic.  My local Costco currently has a box that are labeled non-GMO.

Heart candy mold:  Mine is by Freshware, found on Amazon.  It produces 28 hearts on a sheet.

HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!  You are sweet all on your own.