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Tropical Chia Pudding

Breakfast Ready in 5 Minutes

We have a pretty solid  routine in the morning, yet curveballs do get thrown once in awhile that interrupt the flow, giving me less time to get breakfasts together.  That's when chia pudding saves the day.  I love it because it's loaded with so many good things to help kids get through their busiest days, including omega-3s, protein, fiber, and calcium - with vitamins in the included fruit to help absorb such important nutrients.  The kids love it because it seems like dessert for breakfast.  We all love it because it can be ready in 5 minutes or made the night before and placed in the fridge, waiting for the next person who could use a good boost.

I like to make snack-sized jars of this delicious stuff to keep in the fridge for such moments.  Cute little 4 ounce mason jars work great.  It's just the right amount to totally satisfy sweet cravings - with no added sugar!  Just the good stuff.  

Since we are relying on the fruit to sweeten this pudding, it's best to get both the fruit portion and chia seed portion on your spoon together.

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