Black & White Crossweave Napkins

Black & White Crossweave Napkins

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Sturdy yet so so soft, these napkins are the ones you’ve been dreaming about and didn’t even know it. Dress them up, dress them down - they don’t mind. With their handsome black & white crossweave, they work with just about any tablescape you’ve got going.

Quantity: Sold in sets of two, or save a little on a set of four.

Size: 16-inch napkins. (Size is approximate.)

Beautiful: Made of organic cotton/hemp, they’re lightweight yet durable - and did I mention soft? So soft. Soft on the planet, too.

Care: Unfold and machine wash gentle/cold cycle, or hand wash to help maintain vitality. Hang to dry or machine dry. Iron using a cover cloth. Gentle stain removers recommended.

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