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Welcome to Beautiful Ingredient!

Beautiful Ingredient was created as a place to celebrate delicious ways of getting more vegetables, fruits, and other plants on our plates.  After even a small change in my daily routine, I quickly noticed I had more energy and enjoyed eating more.  I thought the opposite would be true with this sort of change, so was very pleasantly surprised.  

While the recipes here are technically vegan, I'm hoping that, whatever the lifestyle you choose, you will find some helpful information here.   Plants are where the nutrients are, and as humans we thrive on them.


I really knew I was on to something when my son, who had been hooked on organic mac 'n' cheese and was really not into trying new foods, did this (pictured here) while trying a soup I came up with.  I had to keep it cool, stifling the happy dance, tears of joy, and cries of victory that I nearly unleashed - which I knew might make it a one-time experience.  I am happy to say that he is continuing to be more open to new foods, trusting what I've got cooking more and more as he realizes it truly is delicious.

I'm so glad you've come by.  I hope you can take the time to look around and stay awhile.  

My Must-Haves for eating more plant-based whole foods:

  • delicious flavor

  • a contented sweet tooth

  • enough fuel to get through busy days

  • texture happiness

  • crunchy and salty satisfaction

  • quick and easy preparation

  • budget keeping

  • freedom from the goal of perfection

  • the pleasures involved with eating