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Cookbook Gift Ideas: Plant-Strong and Forks Over Knives Family

Do you have people on your gift list who seem interested or curious about changing the way they eat? Maybe they have said something like, "I really should eat more veggies, but..." Or you've watched them try diet after diet and only get frustrated. Or they told you they want to start cooking but don't know how to get started. Well, you're in luck then: I've put together this Cookbook Gift Guide with them in mind.  These are books that have inspired me because they are full of really delicious recipes that are easy to make.  They show very clearly that eating lots of whole, plant-based food can be so satisfying, yet not so difficult or even time-consuming.   These are the books I turn to regularly knowing that the chances of pleasing the crowd is high, and the way I feel after eating their food is really good. An ideal holiday gift, the recipient can just open the book and get started right away, trying a recipe that sounds good to them without having to follow a long, complicated process. And the results can be unexpectedly awesome to someone new to plant-based eating.

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