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43 Plant-Based Condiment Recipes

Condiments bring the party to any feast.  They provide the zip and zing to an otherwise blah sandwich.  They are the maestro to an orchestra of roasted veggies.  They add the fun to fries and beauty to burgers.  So it was with great enthusiasm that I curated this broad collection of condiments, from classic-style mayos to creative chutneys.  They're all vegan, brought to you by some of the most talented food bloggers on the scene today.  I sought recipes with less oil and sugar than most (some have none!) and more nutrition value. Enjoy!

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Spicy Italian Prune Plum Jam, Refined Sugar-Free


I have for you today a favorite treat from my childhood:  Spicy Prune Plum Jam.  ("Spicy" as in autumn spices, not hot pepper spice.)  This is not your average jam, not a classic strawberry or raspberry.  For me, this unique jam is home.  Growing up, we had a big Italian prune plum tree in our backyard, and I remember the excitement at the end of summer when it was time to pick them.  For some reason, our apple tree was not so exciting, even though it was grafted with different varieties.  It was kind of a drag to pick the apples.  Maybe because I couldn't reach very many so my haul was nothing by comparison.  It seemed there were a hundred prune plums to every apple, and every single one was delicious.  

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Field Trip: Bainbridge Island Farmers Market, Raspberry Chia Jam & The Vegan Roadie

Summer is here!  The sun is shining (mostly), so there's more skip in our steps here in the Pacific Northwest.  We emerge from our homes blinking, reaching for our sunglasses, and we are ready to downright frolic!  I did a lot of frolicking this week, actually, and thought I'd share a few of my adventures with you here, since of course they revolved around food.

Can you guess what one of my very favorite things to do in the summer is?  Yep - visit farmers markets!  There is nothing like farmers market produce - so fresh, therefore nutrient-packed, tender, crisp, and truly beautiful.  Because it's been freshly picked, most of it is willing to last a good while and keep us fed well over a week.  I love to discover and try new varieties at the markets, and get advice from the growers themselves.

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