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Easy Vegan Buddha Bowl

This recipe is:

vegan | wfpb (whole food, plant-based) | easy | quick | gluten-free | oil-free | refined sugar-free | 10 ingredients or less


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Easy Orange Pecan Power Granola

I forget how easy granola is to make.  Especially vegan, totally plant-based, real food granola.  There's no need to even melt anything with this particular recipe.  Just toss all the dry stuff in a bowl and all the wet stuff in another smaller bowl, mix those two together, spread it all on cookie sheets, and bake.  There are so many combination possibilities.  What I love about this particular granola is that lovely citrus-dessert flavor that comes from the orange zest and juice mixing with the vanilla and pecans.  Oh yeah.  I love coming across a bite that contains sweet dried apricot and a toasty coconut flake, too.  There's a nice balance of fruit, oats, nuts and seeds, and a richness from this balance even without any butter or oil added.  This granola is a variety of nutritious real food that satiates, is easily packable, and tastes delicious.

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Vegan Chipotle Mayo with Cauliflower Base


If I see something on a menu that has chipotle in it, I'm probably ordering it.  There's something about that smokey flavor that draws me in.  I've enjoyed a few store-bought chipotle mayos, but am not always a fan of the ingredients I see listed on the label, especially since reducing my oil intake, which is often a base in mayo.  Our household seems to want to make chipotle mayo a staple, so I've been meaning to try making my own for awhile.  When I finally got around to it, I was really considering the ingredients.  I've had chipotle mayo with a cashew base and it was really delicious.  I may eventually post a cashew-based recipe.  But what about making one with more vegetables?  Since I have a tendency to overemphasize cashews in my life, I decided to try a cauliflower base for my first go.

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Baked Pumpkin Chai Spiced Donuts with Cinnamon Vanilla Sprinkle Dust


In the autumn and winter months, I want a cozy treat with those lovely pumpkin-spice vibes.  I just do.  How about you?  I'm talking about that sit-by-the-fire-and-relax kind of vibe that can be recognized in the middle of an office kitchen, just from those flavors.  A little feeling of calm in all the craziness.  That's why I wanted to make these pumpkin chai spiced donuts.  Something that could carry me through the seasons enjoying those flavors.  Something that could be a treat and an actual real food choice at the same time.  Can we truly have our donut and eat it, too?  I knew they could be delicious baked and without refined sugar, but I also wanted to see if I could make them without oil.  I know, right?  Don't you have to spray the pan with oil?  Well...

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Mango Slaw with Peanut Lime Dressing

WFPB (whole food plant based)

The Ultimate Summertime Salad

As much as I love being in the kitchen, right now I just want to be outside in the sun.  So how about a quick, easy recipe that doesn't require a hot stove?  No cooking required for Mango Slaw with Peanut Lime Dressing, plus it's light & bright, with a nice tropical vibe to put it in the category of Extra Summery.  This salad is on the sweeter side (note the maple syrup is optional), so you might want to hold the mojito and grab a cold beer or iced tea and kick back with this colorful salad. Use it as a side for your next barbecue or as a light main dish - it's a happy salad either way.

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