Indo-Chinese Corn Soup Recipe from The Ultimate Vegan Cookbook for your Instant Pot

I have had my Instant Pot for a few months now and hadn't used it yet.  I'd heard what a time-saver it was, how easy it was to use, how people didn't know what they did before owning one they loved it so much, I really liked that the pot inside is stainless steel so wouldn't leach any icky stuff into food - and still, I kept putting it off.  It was something new to learn and I was so busy.  I get the irony - the Instant Pot is meant to save time.  OK, I will admit:  I was a little intimidated by this big electrical pot with all the buttons.  Plus, was it really going to be a useful gadget or just another space-stealer?  But when I received a copy of Kathy Hester's new cookbook, The Ultimate Vegan Cookbook for your Instant Pot, for her book tour, I was inspired to finally learn how to use it.  I had heard through the grapevine that Kathy was the Instant Pot expert, so I knew I was in good hands.  Time to try it out.

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