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30-Minute Vegetable Curry with Quinoa & Red Lentils


This dish began with the desire to load lots of veggies into a dish while building in layers of flavor and keeping the process quick and easy for busy nights, something that could be thrown together after a long day of work yet seem like it took hours.

 Mission accomplished!

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Vegan Chipotle Mayo with Cauliflower Base


If I see something on a menu that has chipotle in it, I'm probably ordering it.  There's something about that smokey flavor that draws me in.  I've enjoyed a few store-bought chipotle mayos, but am not always a fan of the ingredients I see listed on the label, especially since reducing my oil intake, which is often a base in mayo.  Our household seems to want to make chipotle mayo a staple, so I've been meaning to try making my own for awhile.  When I finally got around to it, I was really considering the ingredients.  I've had chipotle mayo with a cashew base and it was really delicious.  I may eventually post a cashew-based recipe.  But what about making one with more vegetables?  Since I have a tendency to overemphasize cashews in my life, I decided to try a cauliflower base for my first go.

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Cookbook Gift Ideas: Plant-Strong and Forks Over Knives Family

Do you have people on your gift list who seem interested or curious about changing the way they eat? Maybe they have said something like, "I really should eat more veggies, but..." Or you've watched them try diet after diet and only get frustrated. Or they told you they want to start cooking but don't know how to get started. Well, you're in luck then: I've put together this Cookbook Gift Guide with them in mind.  These are books that have inspired me because they are full of really delicious recipes that are easy to make.  They show very clearly that eating lots of whole, plant-based food can be so satisfying, yet not so difficult or even time-consuming.   These are the books I turn to regularly knowing that the chances of pleasing the crowd is high, and the way I feel after eating their food is really good. An ideal holiday gift, the recipient can just open the book and get started right away, trying a recipe that sounds good to them without having to follow a long, complicated process. And the results can be unexpectedly awesome to someone new to plant-based eating.

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Good Vibes in California

I was lucky enough to hang out with leaders in healthcare last week at the International Plant-Based Nutrition Healthcare Conference.  I learned a lot from the speakers - you would recognize many of them if you've seen documentaries like Forks Over Knives (available now on Netflix.  Check out Cowspiracy while you're at it.)  Superstars including Dr. Caldwell EsselstynDr. T. Colin CampbellDr. Dean OrnishDr. Robert OstfeldDr. Scott StollDr. Brenda DavisDr. Robynne ChutkanDr. Michael GregerDr. Michael Klaper, and more - plus athlete Brendan Brazier and Chef Chad Sarno (I am FOK plant-based certified thanks to him). These are people who inspired me to take action to improve my own health, and it was beyond an honor to be in the same room with them, let alone have conversations with them!  (I encourage you to click on their names above and check out their websites.  Amazing people doing good.)  

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Pear Spice Muffins, Whole Food Vegan Style


We technically still have a bit of summer to enjoy, yet now that the kids are getting ready to go back to school I'm starting to crave autumn flavors.  We have such an abundance of pears from our tree right now, too, so time to enjoy them!  I'm starting to long for those delicious spices that are the stars until spring:  cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom, mmmmm.  Simply calling out these flavors makes me feel relaxed, cozy and good.  

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Spiced Kale Chips


While the weather thinks about actually being summer, I'll still be using the oven regularly.  Even when it gets warmer, though, I'll likely continue making kale chips.  That's because they only require setting the oven to 300 degrees, so it's not heating up the whole kitchen.

I've purchased kale chips at the store and usually find them to be a bit bland.  They look like they'd be full of delicious flavors with all that seasoning visibly on them, but my taste buds aren't detecting them.  So I prefer making my own.  In fact, while taste-testing this recipe I found I needed to cut back on the flavorful spices!

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Mini Veggie Sushi Rolls

It's been a challenge lately packing my teen's lunch.  

A few years ago, she went through a phase where no matter what I packed her, even if we'd planned it in advance, nothing I put in her lunchbox satisfied her - to the extent that I finally offered to let her do it.  She did, the rest of that year - and then was happy to have me do it again.  Her tastes had changed a lot, her lunch scene changed -  there had been a variety of factors that caused the problem, and fixed it.  And there still are.  Thankfully, we've found more ways to deal with them and we now work better as a team to figure out solutions.  And she often lets me know now how much she appreciates me packing her lunch.  Yes, a mother's dream.  Now.

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