Tortilla Soup with Home-Baked Tortilla Chips

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The Baked Tortilla Chips

I love tortilla chips.  Nothing better than really good chips & salsa.  With guac, yes.  I don't really buy potato chips anymore, but I don't think our family can go a week without tortilla chips.  For some reason, though (maybe because there aren't many ingredients on the label and they're organic), it hasn't really been on my radar that these packaged delicious crispy snacks are deep fried.  Deep fried and then sometimes even sprayed with more oil so toppings stick better.  Like in the Science Channel video I watched on how they're made.  Fun to watch the process from raw corn to crunchy chips.  Yet it made me realize how often we are still eating deep-fried food.  When we eat out, fine.  But daily at home?  Well..

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