Very Berry Smoothie Bowl

Does looking at this smoothie bowl in the cold mid-winter make you shiver? I get it. I'm all about seasonal foods, and diving into bowls of soup this time of year is a favorite pastime. And yet, I guess we did have ice cream ("nice" cream) last night. And I had a smoothie bowl like this just this morning. The kids each had one after school. The fact is, even on the coldest week yet this winter (which this has been for us) we still can have a desire to reach for summery cold treats -especially the kids, who don't seem to have any desire to take a break from such fun frozen foods. Plus, by now we really miss having fresh berries. So, yay for frozen berries! Yay for freezers! Yay for how satisfying cold sweet treats can be, even in winter! Yay for quick meals like this! Simple and packed with flavor and nutrition. A smoothie bowl for breakfast isn't quite as dramatic as taking an early-morning Polar Bear Plunge; it's just a refreshing, delicious way to start a winter day, once in awhile.

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