Easy Orange Pecan Power Granola

I forget how easy granola is to make.  Especially vegan, totally plant-based, real food granola.  There's no need to even melt anything with this particular recipe.  Just toss all the dry stuff in a bowl and all the wet stuff in another smaller bowl, mix those two together, spread it all on cookie sheets, and bake.  There are so many combination possibilities.  What I love about this particular granola is that lovely citrus-dessert flavor that comes from the orange zest and juice mixing with the vanilla and pecans.  Oh yeah.  I love coming across a bite that contains sweet dried apricot and a toasty coconut flake, too.  There's a nice balance of fruit, oats, nuts and seeds, and a richness from this balance even without any butter or oil added.  This granola is a variety of nutritious real food that satiates, is easily packable, and tastes delicious.

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