Organic Linen/Organic Cotton Chambray Napkins

Organic Linen/Organic Cotton Chambray Napkins

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Gorgeous to look at and touch, these beautiful linen/cotton napkins may steal the spotlight at your table.  

Color:  Romantic Red

Size:  Medium-Large 

About 16"x16"

A blend of red and white that reads red, white and pink all at once.

Set of 4, each trimmed in a different color:  cherry red, pink peony, pure white, and soft petal pink.

This set is currently available only during this Valentine's promotion today:  Thursday, February 9th.  It will be featured in this Saturay's blog post, but will not be available for sale then. 

Do you think I should start carrying this set in the shop?  Contact me and let me know - I'd love to hear from you!

Will ship tomorrow to reach your sweetie for Valentine's Day.

$5 shipping in the USA on your entire order!  

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